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Patrick Sheehan

I'm a Documentary film director/ cinematographer/ sound mixer/ etc in Nashville, TN.   I shoot steadicam, shoulder mount, slider, aerials and underwater (see the videos on the other pages for samples of my work).
Whether I'm hired as a director or cinematographer, my goal is always to shoot with story in mind.  I'm not a camera guy - I'm a storyteller.
I also have extensive experience as a sound guy so I can work as a one-man crew when necessary.  I've got all of my own gear and I'm willing to travel just about anywhere that isn't at war.
I love what I do and pride myself on working myself nearly to death to make your film the work of art that you envision.
I'm very blessed to make films for a living and I'm even more blessed to have a lovely wife and 2 kids who lovingly support my addiction to documentary filmmaking.
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