Documentary Cinematographer in Nashville, TN.

This blog post (just like this website) is for people who might be looking for someone to help them tell a story. If you’re going to work with someone for months or even years, I think it’s good to know a little about them. That’s the point of this first blog post.

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To make a feature-length documentary film takes as much thick skin as it does a sharp eye.  The true test of a filmmaker is:  Can you stay committed to a story that’s in constant flux, with money and people coming and going, and with people asking you “when can I see this?” for years.  It takes a passion for the story and for the craft of filmmaking.  The payoff is that, at the end of the day is that you’ve helped retain a piece of history that might otherwise have been lost.

I’ve been very fortunate to film and direct some amazing stories that became compelling documentaries. Films like “Gip”, the story of one of four remaining authentic juke joints that was raided and closed as our cameras rolled; “Man in the Glass: The Dale Brown Story” which followed NCAA agitator and human rights crusader Dale Brown as he fought systems of injustice on multiple fronts and “Gideon’s Army” which followed public defenders across the south as they advocated for defendants facing life sentences (some victorious, others not).

The payoff for years of work?  The story is told. Period. (And also, hopefully a whole lot of people see it).

About Patrick Sheehan: I’m a documentary filmmaker in Nashville, TN. (though I’ll travel just about anywhere for a good story). I’ve been in video and film production for over 20 years and have been making documentaries for 13 years. Whether a project calls for a camera operator, a director, a director of photography, a one-man-band (camera, audio, lights), steadicam, aerials or just comic relief, I pride myself on doing whatever it takes to get the film done. And when it comes to keywords, I do everything in my power to get them into grammatically correct sentences that both inform and entertain. So, as a Nashville documentary filmmaker, camera operator, cinematographer and director of photography, who specializes in camera Nashville, Tennessee, I hope to continue working in documentary film for years to come.

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