Dangerous Documentary Filmmaking

This blog post (just like this website) is for people who might be looking for someone to help them tell a story. If you’re going to work with someone for months or even years, I think it’s good to know a little about them. That’s the point of this first blog post.

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If I didn’t have kids, I would probably be a storm chaser. I was always an adrenaline junkie. I raced BMX as a kid, played football and rock and roll through middle and high school, skydived in college and scuba dive now.

Now that I’m old(er), I’m still looking for ways to eek out a little more adventure – I guess that’s why I got into video and film production and ultimately started making documentaries. I’ve been really fortunate to see some crazy stuff and get out largely unscathed. I was in New Orleans for Hurricane Katrina where I got to experience my first apocalypse. We waded through the water, watched people picked off of rooftops, found a shark in the second story of an office building near where the Hurrican made landfall in Mississippi and carried a 9mm pistol (in case we ran into the snipers or other criminals who’d been released from the downtown jail in New Orleans because all of their paperwork was lost).

A few years earlier I had been in New Orleans for the 2002 Super Bowl, a few months after September 11th. Tanks, Fighter Jets and FBI surrounded the building. But I can’t convey what a let down it was to finally be at a SuperBowl and find myself standing right behind some no name quarterback (Tom Brady) as he played a relative newcomer (Kurt Warner). Of course, it was one of the great Super Bowls of all time… and the Playboy party at Ann Rice’s mansion was pretty good too.

Since then, I’ve gotten to work with some amazing people: Dale Brown, Shaquille O’Neal, Matthew McConaughey, Danny Glover, John Wooden, Kid Rock and Henry “Gip” Gipson, proprietor of one of the four remaining authentic juke joints left in America. I’ve gotten to fight an evil corporation, work in the Carribean and make a film about a modern-day inventor/musician/genius: Roy “Futureman” Wooten. Now I’m preparing to travel to Paraguay with Futureman and getting in shape to shoot a film about one of the most gruelling bicycle races in the country.

I’ve worked on a farm and done construction, dug out grease pits and cut a lot of lawns. It’s a blessing to make a living doing something I feel that I was put on earth to do. But if it all goes to hell in a hand basket, I’ve still got my mower.

About Patrick Sheehan: I’m a documentary filmmaker in Nashville, TN. (though I’ll travel just about anywhere for a good story). I’ve been in video and film production for over 20 years and have been making documentaries for 13 years. Whether a project calls for a camera operator, a director, a director of photography, a one-man-band (camera, audio, lights), steadicam, aerials or just comic relief, I pride myself on doing whatever it takes to get the film done. And when it comes to keywords, I do everything in my power to get them into grammatically correct sentences that both inform and entertain. So, as a Nashville documentary filmmaker, camera operator, cinematographer, director of photography, videographer (man, I hate that word) who specializes in camera Nashville, Tennessee, I hope to continue working in documentary film for years to come.

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